Cheap and Bold Vapes with Cheap E Juice

Getting clean, prime tasting e juice at an affordable price seems almost impossible unless you make it on your own. This is possible too and one of the best ways to get the cheapest e juice. However, it can be a precarious operation and difficult to attain many of the flavors you think you might be able to. It is fortunate that there are websites that sell quality cheap e juice in reasonable volumes so you can buy in larger quantities, saving money in the long run.

In all likelihood, you will find a site which produces the ideal e juices for the most modern designs on the market. Look for abundant flavors in every category and find exactly what you are looking for at prices which are easily half of what you would find at the retail vape shops. Surprisingly, not much varies from brand to brand except the ratios of VG to PG.

cheap e juice

That is an important variable and you want higher vegetable glycerin (VG) than you do PG. The glycerin helps produce the vapor but is also less harsh on the throat than pure propylene glycol (PG). When you can find a nice blend of 80% VG to 20% PG, you are looking at the right blend for a sub-ohm tank atomizer e-cigarette. Naturally, the flavoring and the dosage are up to you. Just remember, since you are heavy vaping, you are doubling the dosage basically with every hit.

Try to find a flavor or two or three that suit you well. It is very easy to go crazy with it and order 12 different flavors, only to realize it will take you months to actually give them a real run. Try just a couple first, at smaller quantities. Then, when you find a flavor that is perfect for your vaping style, buy it in larger quantities and save even more money.